Built on a broad variety of experience and an unrivalled network in sports licensing and other commercial sectors of sport, SGLP also benefits from a unique perspective in the Licensing ecosystem, via key roles as Licensor, Agent, Licensee, Promotional Licensee and independent Consultant, across multiple IP genres & product categories.

SGLP and its associates have a combined 75+ year track record of delivering international licensing and new business development in licensing, merchandising, retail, promotions and partnerships.

  • Licensing Programme conception & management

  • International IP rights acquisition & client onboarding

  • Events & Federations Licensing representation

  • Bespoke Licensing strategies & activation

  • New Category & Sector Development

  • Blue chip Brand Promotions sales and development

  • Retailer Loyalty programmes sales and development

  • Convergence of Sport, Entertainment & CSR

"...privileged to have worked with many prestigious rights holders, retailers, brands and licensees, alongside experts & pioneers in the sports business"


'Walk the walk'

What has changed?

Figuratively and literally, there's no time for BS, there never was and now more than ever, rights holders, brands and retailers need data & insight-driven solutions, as well as innovative, workable ideas and's time to walk the know when to pause and change direction, when to walk alone and when to walk with trusted partners...

'Live the experience'

Maximising Sports Licensing

Playing and watching sport has always been about passion, the experience and that tingling sense of jeopardy...but the way in which we participate in, watch and consume sport has changed and is still evolving across the generations. Adaptability and creativity are the key words for now and definitely for the future...we'll prepare you for that...

'Commit and deliver'

Why choose SGLP?

As far as possible and always aiming to take into account unprecedented events....rights holders, brands and retailers now want advice and strategies that maximize opportunities but also consider all eventualities. We aim to make plans 'fit for purpose'....which also sort of applies to the pic above, but as a Wasps rugby fan, I wasn't going to be defeated by Mount Leinster!


The key commercial areas of sport are evolving. The ways fans consume sport are changing too. Accelerated by rapid media evolution and the events of 2020-21, adaptability and creativity are now the watchwords of the staging, broadcasting and commercialisation of sport. Fans' purchasing habits and retail channels are also transforming, whilst sponsors and commercial partners are more focused than ever on true fit, wider activation potential and ROI.

"Licensing initiatives that include licensed products/merchandise and elements of uniqueness, collectability, brand exposure, brand affinity and CSR, offer sports Leagues, Associations, Events, Federations and Partner brands, the potential to reach fans one to one and stay with them. If they are conceived and supported from experience, combined with commercial data and insights, licensed 'products' are some of a sport brand's key touchpoints and now an even more important route to growing fan engagement and incremental revenue."

SGLP redefines the approach to Licensing initiatives in sport, operating at the forefront of integrating Licensing, Merchandising and Retail more effectively into wider commercial strategies and increasing their % share of revenue & value, within the business of sport.


Independent Consultancy and New Business services

Reviewing, advising on and managing strategic development for of new & existing L&M programs:

  • IP & Assets - identify/protect & carefully commercialise

  • Retail activation - on-site, pop-up, DTR, ecommerce, scommerce, mcommerce, omni channel

  • Promotions - 3rd party brand, on-pack/off-pack, retail collector & loyalty programs

  • Partnerships - proactive sponsorships & retail partnerships, that include product activation

  • Process - creating & running ITT/RFPs, in-house service provider

Redefining Approaches, Strategies and Evaluation

Conception of tailored, relevant Approaches, Strategies & Evaluation:

  • Data analysis and insights

  • Tailored strategies and approaches

  • Brand values-driven licensing

  • Key category licensing/activation

  • Brand extension & experiential

  • Integration into wider commercial plans

  • Evaluation, projections, budgeting & reporting

  • Convergence Entertainment, Character, Charity & Sports partnerships

  • Consideration of CSR objectives & key societal issues & topics

Activating, Adapting, Developing and Managing

Proactive Strategy Activation, Adaptation, Evolution & Integration:

  • Brand 'story' foundation

  • Licensing proposition creation

  • Bespoke licensing modelling 'fit for purpose' in your organisation

  • IP & Assets creation, packaging & re-purposing

  • Timeline & optimized roadmap planning

  • Licensing 'tools' development - deal process, design, digital, Legal, NPD, approvals & accounting

  • Investment requirements/advice

  • PR/trade activity management

  • ROI and results presentations

case studY


  • LMRP&P Advisory & Strategic integration for RLWC 2021 (now 22)

  • Bespoke RFP creation and process development

  • Licensing and Event/Ecommerce Retail candidate agency intros

  • Design candidate agency introductions

“Simon’s support to our licensing, merchandise and retail strategy was tremendously valuable. His work was insightful, progressive and all delivered in a timely and hugely personable way which made him a delight to work with. Simon shared our ambitions in this space, and with his extensive experience and network, was able to outline an approach that we feel will meet our objectives over the next 18 months.”

with thanks to:

Jonathan Neill, Commercial Director, Rugby League World Cup 2021

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